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Meet the Founder 

Dr. Takisha Moncrief has served as a teacher, literacy coach, school improvement supervisor, and professional development specialist. She has spent over 25 years in K-12 education advocating for children and teachers throughout the nation. She specializes in curriculum design, development, and delivery with an emphasis on instructional coaching, literacy, and leadership. Takisha also co-facilitates professional development experiences with her husband, basketball Hall of Famer, Sidney Moncrief.

About Us

Committed to Game Changing Results

Step Up Your GAME, led by Dr. Takisha Moncrief, aims to build capacity in instructional leaders and build confidence in learners. We offer literacy and leadership solutions to organizations, districts, schools, teachers, and students. Our mantra is Literacy is Life! The ability to read, write, speak, listen, and inquire is a game changer that impacts the entire trajectory of a person's life. It is imperative that more students

  • Read!

  • Write!

  • Now!

Our sense of urgency and unparalleled coaching assists all-star educators with strategic game plans they can implement immediately. We customize learning opportunities to meet specific literacy goals.

Professional Learning Options include:

  • Student-Led Learning-Strategies They Name & Explain

  • Independent Literacy Work Stations-Make it/Take It Sessions

  • Differentiation and Acceleration! We Can Achieve It

  • Teaching Writing- It is a Process

  • Small Group Instruction 

We embrace the privilege of changing the game for all learners including Title 1, English Language Learners, Tier 2, and Special Education students. We specialize in coaching teachers toward peak performance.

About Us: About Us
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